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name: Lita
birthday: August 8th
gender: Female
planet: Jupiter
- Pokemon
- The Walking Dead
- Dangan Ronpa
- Fire Emblem
- Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth
- Video Games
- Anime
- Other stuff

- Nanami Chiaki
- Komaru Naegi
- Athena Cykes
- Chrom
- Lucina
- Luke fon Fabre

I really love cheese and the galaxy by the way (人´∀`*)
but not together

*Art by fourseasons001

。.:*.゜☆ commissions 。.:*.゜☆



。.:*.゜☆ casual to do list 。.:*.゜☆

✖ Make refs for all my characters
✖ Draw some of my OCs in their underwear
✖ Draw Reitrou her OC Negative
✖ Draw Reitrou her OC Rylme

。.:*.゜☆ waiting on 。.:*.゜☆


。.:*.゜☆ Art of the Bbies 。.:*.゜☆

[Sketch] Squidtastic by unkoneo [Request] Maids n' Buns by Riccasze [fullbody couple] Cute couple by CrierLes Tomikoi by raintie Comm: Tomikoi by k-kinq C: Tomikoi by nikkuri COM Apollo Cheeb by CrierLes AT - tomikoi by Shindayou [Chibi] Commission for Tomikoi by unkoneo [C]Tomikoi by Kai-SpaceToki COM - Tomikoi by kirakiraillusion COM: Tomikoi 02 by JellieBellie COM: Tomikoi 01 by JellieBellie commission - Tomikoi by Relxion-sama 4 the Leet by Reitrou Gift 1 Tomikoi by HOAIMI


My internet was out for a couple days and so I played 999 that my friend gave me! So the question is; How many hours on average do you spend playing video games a week? 

2 deviants said 25 - 30
1 deviant said 1 - 5
1 deviant said 5 - 10
1 deviant said 15 - 20
1 deviant said 30+
No deviants said 20 - 25


- Open

- Closed

- Mutual watchers

- Closed

*Art by shouu-kun

。.:*.゜☆ Things Going On 。.:*.゜☆

(OPEN) Pixel CommissionsPixel Commissions
Ok so I'm going to open up a limited amount of slots for pixel commissions! I haven't done pixels in 5000 years but I'm not too shabby if I say so myself. I've been thinking about opening them up for awhile now but what was stopping me was just making bases eghughg
Choices & Examples
I have 6 bases to choose from! All but two can be either 100 x 100 or 50 x 50!
50 x 50 is usually good icons or tiny page dolls for sites like Deviantart while 100 x 100 is usually good for page dolls on DA , Twitter icons, FurAffinity icons, etc...

Below you can see examples of how they will come out!
(I couldn't be asked doing examples for all of them holy crap--)

You can also choose between having a black outline, white outline, colored outline, or no outline around your pixel!
(If you want color; it can be whatever co

[YCH] SPLAT!! (Open 2/3) by Tomikoi
[OPEN] Shota Bbies (1/2 Left)(Reduced Price) by Tomikoi
[Collab](On Hold) But First Let Me Take a Selfie!# SELFIE Time!
:star: [EDIT: I apologize for the inconvenience but for now the Selfie Collab will be put on hold until further notice. It will still happen though. You may still participate if you're new to reading this journal and everyone who's names are on the participation list please take your time as well! This extra time will be golden to those who were in school and just got out or something similar as well! We still need even more people/selfies as well so tell your friends!
I apologize again for the inconvenience though and to anyone's hype! ;; ]
Hey there you guys! I'm here to announce a surprise project that literally came from nowhere besides re-watching some youtube videos and getting an O.K. with my friend PrinceRilakkuma!
We're here to announce that we are going to do a collab with you guys with the song- you guessed it by the title!
Official song/video here: [link]
What's going

。.:*.゜☆ Tomikoi 。.:*.゜☆

*Art by Tomikoi
No I am not fixing the messed up white outline

Lita | 18 | female | Leo

Hi there! My name's Lita and I tend to draw hence why I probably have been on this site for years!! (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)
I don't ever know what to put for these things but uh I like cheese, Pokemon, Anime, Celebi, Lucario, Video Games, etc..
I'm also a bit awkward, like the galaxy, and like to sparkle a lot 。.:*.゜☆(●´∀`●)ニコ.゜☆.。.:*.゜

Feel free to talk/comment me if you want or ask any questions!

Also if you like any of my characters or something don't be afraid to draw them as long as you show me! o(〃^▽^〃)o

*Art by lu--x

kirakiraillusion is my biggest kokoro
Reitrou is a diamond hoe
PrinceRilakkuma has the biggest boob
lu--x is my babu
Asterranaut-- clay is dead
unkoneo is a tiny baby blob

。.:*.゜☆ contact 。.:*.゜☆

Furaffinity: Tomikoi
Twitter: Tomikoi Tomikoi
Tumblr: lukefonfabi-hairloss
Art Tumblr: tomikoi
YouTube:Tomikoi (Speedpaints)
*Art by shouu-kun



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